Q. Do you think I have a virus?

A. If you are getting pop ups or your web browser is taking you to websites that you haven’t chosen to go to, then you most likely have a virus.  You may also get virus alerts from companies telling you that your computer is infected and that you need to buy their product.  If any of these symptoms are occurring on your PC, please shut it down immediately and call us toll free at 1.888.363.9348.  Do not turn it back on until you have spoken directly with one of our technicians as using a PC with a virus can permanently damage your file system as well as lead to costly repairs and the possibility of losing all your data.

Q.  My computer had a virus and now it won’t start properly.  Can you save my personal files?

A.  In most cases, yes.   We have software that allows us to boot computers with damaged or virus infected operating systems.  Using this software we can move your pictures, music, and documents to a USB drive where they are stored until we can resolve the issue.  Once we have your PC operating properly we will move all of your data back.

Q. My computer is slow.  What can I do?

A.  There are many ways to fix a slow computer.   The first thing we do is to determine whether or not your computer has a virus using our specialized virus scanners.  Next we will clean your registry and temporary files.  If the computer persists in its slowness after those first two steps, we will look at upgrading your RAM or hard drive capacity.  Depending on the age of your system, we may recommend a replacement rather than an upgrade as new technology isn’t always compatible with older technology.  If a replacement is your most viable option, we carry a full line of PCs and can move your data from your old PC to your new one.

Q.  Why should I buy a computer from Saturn Technology rather than a chain store?

A.  Our staff is made up of computer experts rather than computer salesmen.  We not only sell computers, but work on them everyday.  We also offer a stellar warranty policy; if you have a warranty issue with any computer purchased from Saturn Technology during its factory warranty period, just bring it to us and we will personally resolve any issues for you.  We will deal directly with the manufacturers to ensure your issues are resolved swiftly and satisfactorily and have your computer back up and running in no time.

Q. Can I drop my computer off for repair?

A.  We have three levels of service available.  1) We can use our remote software to log into you computer and troubleshoot it over the internet.  2) We are available to come to your home or office to troubleshoot your issues or 3) You can bring your computer in to our Medina store conveniently located at 246 N. Court St., just next to Marco’s Pizza and Jimmy John’s and across the street from the post office.

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